Autumn Fashion Trends

Autumn Fashion Trends

As the leaves change, the nights get longer and the weather more volatile, the fashion world is gearing up for a change of its own. Seasonal fashion updates are always eagerly anticipated and the autumn collections bring with them a certain mystery.

As fashion becomes more mainstream and in turn, more accessible, there are far more varieties of trends emerging to suit every budget and style, and this autumn is no exception. There are three solid, yet contrasting themes that are setting the standard for the colder months this year, all with a different style to offer.

It’s already rather cold and the chances are it’s going to get a lot colder, so it’s a relief to see that woollen knits will once again be a feature. Fair Isle knits in particular are gaining a lot of attention, and earthy colours mixed with graphic prints are highlighting a sense of adventure that really captures this autumnal style.

For those with an edge, Soviet with a twist is going to work perfectly, bringing with it bright accents, gold & turquoise colours and folk-inspired florals with a tough, soviet edge. This can be easily combined with the trending make-up for the season; a warm mixture of gold, lime-green and teal, versus the contrasting steel blue, greys and crimson.

Expressionism is no longer simply an art form reserved for galleries and auctions. The fluorescent and vivid colours that have been experimented with have evolved past the 80’s nostalgia of the last few seasons and have become something more altogether. Vivid pastels with fluorescent colours in an array of brushstrokes and patterns that are as abstract as they are stylish.

As for accessorizing the exciting new wardrobe you will be investing in over the coming months, it’s time to think big. The simple, leather Weekender Bag is helping to retain the oversized bag for another few months- and the plainer it is the better. If you’re more of a working girl then the satchel has been revamped to glam up any and all technology you could possibly wish to carry with you.

Chunky necklaces are back in, with the focus on neck coverage- we’re talking big chains, big leaves, big designs that offer an exotic, Egyptian-style focus without bordering into the dreaded dog-collar effect.

Shoe-wise it’s boots all the way- and the higher the better. The high-heeled, over the knee boot is the shoe of this autumn season. Designs of both equestrian and exotic  are everywhere at the moment and are flying off the shelves at stores.

The main feature of this autumn collection has to be that there is something for everyone, that all accessories and make-up can be combined to suit the range of styles currently trending on the catwalk. By the time they hit the stores, you will be ready to take on the winter, staying warm and stylish until the next season rolls in.


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