Courtney Love Is The New Face Of Saint Laurent

Courtney Love Is The New Face Of Saint Laurent

The designer’s latest collection for Saint Laurent  had Love’s name all over it, so much so that the former The Hole lead singer took to Twitter after the show to tell the designer that she was “having gasms at the idea of rich ladies buying what we used to wear, finally someone got the actual look exact, no beanies.”

The new rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic that Slimane has ushered in hasn’t been loved by everyone and there’s no denying that this campaign will split opinions too. On the flip side though, there’s no denying that, in taking this new direction, he’s opened the label up to a whole new audience who would never have have considered the brand as creating clothes for them. Whether this new audience has the buying power to make the change worth it though, is yet to be seen.

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