Miley Cyrus’ Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs Ad

Miley Cyrus’ Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs Ad

Cyrus and Jacobs have been “besties” for a long time–she wore a fishnet dress by the designer to the Met Gala in 2013 and can currently be spotted nude on a Jacobs approved T-shirt supporting the NYU Skin Cancer Institute–so it was really only a matter of time before she starred in one of the designer’s ads.

Two days ago, she posted a selfie on Twitter while wearing a Marc by Marc marriage equality tee.

And now the secret’s out: Cyrus is the star of Jacobs’ Spring 2014 ad campaign.

Miley Cyrus, is not shown in her typical, risqué form. There are no leotards, wagging tongues, or dancing bears here. Cyrus features alongside two models, and all are clad in Jacobs’ heavily embellished navy, black, and burgundy Spring ’14 collection. He even staged the ads on a dark beach, reminiscent of his acclaimed fashion show back in September. Cyrus’ messy hair , glowing skin, and moody facial expression finish off the look.

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