Sun products easy guide

Sun products easy guide

For summer 2013, L’Oreal Paris just launched its popular Sublime Sun in a spray oil version which comes in SPF 15, 30, and 50. Why is this a good thing? Oil is so much easier to apply than creams and lotions because it’s slippery–you can spritz it on quickly and smooth it all over without the gunkiness that typical sunscreen lotions have. Vichy also makes an SPF 30 oil, which it released last summer. Both brands’ oils contain the exact same active ingredients as their lotion counterparts, meaning they should work just as well.

And then there’s sunscreen mousse. Yes, like for your hair, but not. Vichy has come out with a SPF 50 Capital Soleil Lightweight Foaming Lotion which is delivered like whipped cream via a spray can mechanism. You squirt some foam into your hand and it expands into an airy formula (think hair mousse) which is ridiculously easy to spread and has a really lightweight-feeling finish.

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