Vera Wang Is Now Charging People To Try On Her Bridal Dresses

Vera Wang Is Now Charging People To Try On Her Bridal Dresses

Vera Wang  is the benchmark when it comes to bridal . Women dream of wearing one of her designs and she continues to be the go to woman for celebrities too. If recent reports are anything to go by, though, it’ll only be celebrities that are able to meet the hefty bills involved or in China anyway.

The Global Times reports that the designer’s Shanghai boutique is now charging customers around $482 to try on a dress for up to 90 minutes in a dressing room. If they go on to buy it, that fee is deducted from the price of the dress but if they don’t, they lose the money altogether. The designer has responded saying that the fee is designing to “protect the copyright of the designer,” so basically to avoid people photographing it in the changing rooms.

While that might be a genuine concern, it all sounds a bit suspect. If that was truly the concern, why has that policy not been applied to all of the brand’s stores and besides, images of all of her bridal collections are available to view online anyway.

FHC  Vera Wang

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