Wild, Wild West :Boots- Winter Wear

Wild, Wild West :Boots- Winter Wear

This winter there is a particularly intense focus on footwear, and Boots are making an inspiring impression in the fashion world. From ankles, knee-highs and over-the-knee, flats to stiletto heels- there’s no lack of choice, but what is going to be declared this year’s ‘winter style’, is a tough one to call.


The heeled ankle boot has undergone a revamp from the olden days recently with fashion icons and experimentalists such as Lady Gaga attempting to push the boundaries of style and even physics. But the classic heeled ankle boot can be worn with just about anything- trousers, jeans or skirts, and this versatile nature has placed it within the autumn fashion trends as one to watch, especially as an easy way to spruce up casualwear.

The Chelsea Boot is one you either love or hate, and the self-labelled ‘hipster’ fashion lovers consider it a part of their culture and style. Not the daintiest of boots, but with an edge that suits those who wish to make more of a statement from their feet, the Chelsea Boot is another versatile shoe that could play a part in this season’s must-have trends.

Cowboy Boots used to be solely linked to the old Western films, but thankfully someone had the brilliance to take that design and make it a bit more chic and modern, so that women all over the world could embrace their inner cowgirl. Not simply available in leather anymore, there are a host of designs being released this autumn to suit both budget and style.
However, the long boots are getting most of the attention from the catwalk and can’t be ignored. If you need to lengthen your legs, go for an equestrian style riding boot, whether knee-high or over-the-knee. If high-heels are your forte; the wedge and over-the knee stilettos are making a solid comeback this season just in time for the fashion to burst off the catwalk and into stores.


If you’re already tall and find it difficult to find feminine styles in flat shoes- it is time to rejoice- the flat, long boots are considered the trend of the autumnal season this year. These can be found in a plethora of styles and materials to suit your wardrobe and give you the feminine charm you have yet to find with another pair of boots.


Whichever style you feel most attracted to, it is certain that boots are the must-have footwear of this season. Whether you wish to make a statement, keep comfy or stand tall over the competition, there are boots for every situation and eventuality.





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