Winter Style Trends

Winter can be a daunting and sometimes downright confusing season when it comes to fashion. There has to be an element of practicality to the clothing that is worn during the winter months because cold, wet days are seriously no fun if your clothing is not geared up to keep you snug and dry.
However, practical clothing is not always the most fashionable and it can often be the case that a choice must be made between looking good and feeling good when it comes to what to wear during winter.

Oversized coats will be keeping you warm
Thankfully this winter the warm and snuggly coat is a big feature and not only that the oversized hood is both practical and a fashion statement. In fact the oversized coat with a huge hood actually drew gasps when displayed by DKNY and Chanel. Even on a high street budget this trend can easily be achieved as many of the high street store have adopted the warm practical coat and so whatever style you choose to wear this winter you can make sure that you wrap up warm and stay snuggly.

It’s not just coats that have grown
Coats are not the only thing that is fashionably oversized this winter either. With jumpers and sweat tops also coming in oversized sizes there really is no reason to be cold this year. These oversized tops are being paired perfectly with midi or pencil skirts to give s smart casual look which can either be worn to work or for a chilly winter day out.

Floral prints still going strong
Floral prints may seem more of a spring or summer fashion choice when the flowers are in the bloom and the prints are colourful and reflect the season. However, floral prints are becoming a focus point this winter as the colours are toned down and blacks, blues and dark reds are seen in the shape of various flowers. Again these types of tops are great for workwear as the have a smartness that is not the run of the mill plain shirt or blouse. Winter style doesn’t have to be drab so invest in a few floral print tops.

Practical shoes don’t have to be boring this winter
Another perk of this years’ winter style is that flat shoes have definitely made a come back. For many women around the country there will be a huge sigh of relief as it will be perfectly acceptable to put those heels to the back of the cupboard, adopt a slightly shorter stature and end the day without blistered toes in need of a pedicure. Flat does not mean boring however. It is not necessary to go out and buy a plain black leather pair of sensible ankle boots, although you are very welcome to do so if that’s what you prefer. In fact the range of slip ons and slippers in various colours is huge. Some come with tassels and some without, but all are far from boring.

This years’ winter style has certainly captured the practicality that people often desire during the cold, wet months. It certainly is the year to look good and feel great.


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